Welcome to the Chained Elegance website!

Regardless of how you wound up here, if you have a love for shiny objects both fashionable and functional, you have just found your new home.  Here you will find pieces suitable for every day wear and special occasions alike. Be it for casual dress, formal occassions or stage perfomance outfits and accessories. All made to order, all customized.

As you browse through this site please keep one thing in mind… EVERYTHING here can be customized for your needs and desires. If you see something you like but would rather it be a different color or have a different pattern worked into it, just say the word. We will work with you until we create the perfect piece for you.  If you have an accessory that you want to match or even have worked into a larger piece, we can do that as well. Have an outlandish idea for a costume? Ask away and lets have at it! The only foolish question is the one not asked. Travel this curious road my friends and find something beautiful.

So by all means, continue, enjoy and imagine. What can I create for you?

Lastly, This site is in the process of some major design and content updates.  So check back with us often!